EPSXE APK:- EPSXE is a Playstation emulator which is available for Android users. This EPSXE was a very popular port for pc. EPSXE has many superlative features such as ultra speed, high compatibility, and clear sound. This exclusive app is structured and designed for Smartphones and tablets. You can change the settings from one player to four players when using more than one player mode the screen of your device will be split. Various other external devices can be used with it such as virtual pads, Bluetooth, USB, keyboards and analog sticks.

The graphics of EPSXE is very excellent and it is high definitional. This updated version of EPSXE has enhanced graphics features because of the amazing peopxgl plugins. EPSE latest version supports lots of other brilliant features. It also supports ARM and Intel Atom X86. Many users of EPSXE just adore this app because it helps them to play all the games which are available in the PlayStation. The interface of this emulator has given people an incredible user experience. ESPXE was launched for windows but Android users are very lucky because the updated version of it is available for them.

Best Feature of the EPSXE APK & What’s New on EPSXE

EPSXE has outstanding features such as audio features, video, and other control functions. All the tremendous features of EPSXE and the new features of this latest version are the following.


  • There various modes such as landscape, portrait, and full-screen modes. The landscape mode supports several digital and analog guns.
  • The portrait mode there is a gamepad which is available for users to play the game. It has amazing controls which give an incredible experience for the users.
  • The full screen is 4:3, it is a wide place and the full stretched screen gives full-on gaming experience for the users. The black pal in the edges can be removed in some games.


  • The GPU mode performs in high speed on hardware and software devices. This includes x2 resolution and the shaded optimized with Neon instructions. It also has software modes for the legacy software which has troubled OpenGL drivers.
  • There are several additional filtering options. There are OpenGL HD graphics which is powered by peopxgl. The resolution of the game can be increased with these filters and there are other filtering tools which are available to make the game high resolution.
  • You can even see the original PSX by disabling some of the filters in the game.

 Controls of the touchscreen

  • The ePSXe supports the entire analog and digital touchscreen interface. There is a convenient option for the user to change to digital or an analog mode by clicking on the dual shock mode option and by clicking on the swap option.
  • When playing with the other external devices such as gamepads the interface of the touchscreen controls can be hidden to make the screen look wider.
  • The touchscreen is easily modifiable and customizable before playing the game. Even the buttons sizes on the screen are easily changeable by the user. On the editor, the user can change the buttons according to your analog or digital mode.
  • There are several emulation options are available for the user. The user can also select combo buttons and stick buttons. There are even more six additional buttons.

Input Modes

  • EPSXE supports four-player modes it is multi-player platform. There are multi-tap allowed by it. You can control this game effortlessly with gamepads and other inputs.
  • Another fun technology which is split screen mode which is available for two player game mode.
  • You can use different types of inputs on this platform and many guns such as the Namco and Konami guns.


  • The quality of the audio on this platform is of very high quality. The sounds, the effects, frequency and the modulations of audio is just tremendous and it makes the game even more interesting and exciting. You can choose the full audio options available there. If your device is very slow then you can disable some of the audio options.
  • The EPSXE provides much audio latency. It also uses an audio-video buffer to stream the audio in a average speed. The user can add extra audio latency to increase the speed.
  • The EPSXE provides much audio latency modes such as low, very low the user can choose the one which is suitable for their device.

External tools

  • One of the great features of the EPSXE allows its user to play games using external gamepads with the USB and Bluetooth. This platform is also supportive of analog sticks and digital buttons.
  • For Android users, it is even easier because they can also use external gamepads to play the games. ESPXE provides ultimate freedom top its users to play games by using external gaming tools.
  • It also provides mapping buttons and other additional functions. You can save and load the frame limits of the game.

Saving options

  • ESPXE supports various saving options of your game. There is a good back up of your game and you can even restore your saved games on your android device.
  • The run bios option which helps the user can access the memory card editor.
  • You can even share your save states and share it on another device.


ESPXE supports most of the PSX games. It is a great platform for all the PSX game lovers. It is compatible with most of the Android device versions also. There are more than five thousand games which can be played through this platform.


The build and the structure of this platform are very excellent. The games are organized properly and it is very easy to select your favourite game from the game list. The overall interface of this device is very neat and smooth and any user can use it without any complications.

EPSXE apk additional information & system requirements and recommended system configurations.

  • Minimum requirement of the system supportable when the android version is 2.2.
  • The space required is 256 MB.
  • It supports multi-touch screen options.
  • The system configuration is 512 Mb ram.
  • The fast GPU card and a good OpenGL support.
  • An SD card with huge memory is needed.

Screenshots of EPSXE apk v2.08 + bios + plug-in